Puzzle 1996 Windows Charon Software Word or trivia Tetris variant

Create words, see them disappear; word based Tetris!

In a nutshell, Textris is a game of Tetris, which, instead of line of random tetrominoes, asks you to create words with the letters that you are given. It is thus a truly different Tetris toy, which makes it stand out from the crowd. It might not be as simple or as mindless as Tetris, but then again, if that's what you want there are a dozen versions out there. Nope, this is an intellectually engaging game, sometimes a bit skewered by its own inability to pack more words in its dictionary. But that BookWorm love for making up words, Scrabble ish but not quite, is there, inside it and those gamers will certainly get the most out of it. Also, what you want to consider is the fact that Textris looks great for a game of its age, and also sports that charm of not trying too hard, actually being pretty confined in but a few colors and a few textures. It allows you to concentrate, as it can become pretty hard, pretty soon, and it needs you to be on top of your linguistic and puzzle edge top game. So, expect a relatively harsh game, but a fair one nonetheless. Wordsmiths will absolutely love it!

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