Vegas Gambler

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Collection of gambling games; alright production wise

Vegas Gambler contains the following games: a video poker game, a roulette table, black jack (the best of the bunch) and a slots machine. The games can be chosen at the start of the game, and no matter which one you choose, you have 500 credits (dollars) to spend. The best game of the bunch, in terms of graphics, feel and interactivity, is the 21 game, the blackjack game. The slots game is kind of boring and not that well realized, and the video poker is also not that enticing. You might also want to try the roulette table, but, lacking any real monetary involvement, and not that great an atmosphere, it does not that great a job at offering you a satisfying experience. Overall, while all of the games are playable, the bundle just lacks the glue to make the experience enticing. For a game that has Vegas in the title, the atmosphere does very little to offer you sufficient satisfaction, and therefore, it's not that great. Download instead, Vegas Fever Winner Takes All, a much better overall game, a lot more satisfying to play and lots more atmospheric.

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