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Well down Poker sim, even if old as the world!

Poker is one of the first commercial poker sims to have ever been produced for PC; it was a game in a series produced by ShareData, which also included Backgammon as well as Blackjack. The poker game was definitely the better of them all three. It was graphically produced in ASCII, but very carefully, so it looked alright and the cards were readable. The Poker version was the classic one, so no such things as video poker or some remix of the rules. If you know real life Poker, you can play this too. It was a bit heavy on the controls, as you had to text input your controls, but it became second nature after a while and it didn't seem out of line. Also, what Poker done great was produce believable results, as the engine used to randomize the cards was a good one. So, if you really are looking got a truly retro pedal to the metal poker game Poker is without a question one of the best of the oldies! It won't take your breath away graphically, but it simulates the game properly, which is all you can ask of a game this old. Else download Texas Hold `Em, a modern, fully featured game, for those that want all the amenities of modern day gaming.

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