Arcade 1995 Windows GameTek Isometric Flight shooter

Just get blasting

Tumblebugs might not be the most advanced or complex game ever but it certainly is fun so if you're looking for a cool bit of time wasting fun, you could do worse than take a look here. It's very much similar to Combat or Scorched Earth but a bit flashier visually, and it makes for a great two player experience. The goal of the game is pretty simple, and players are simply required to chase their opponent around the screen with the overall aim of blowing them up. There are a few different ships to choose from, and which offer different handling and weapons, making for unique challenges depending on which one you pick and which helps to bring some longevity to the game. There are also several planets to play over, although the differences here are mostly cosmetic, but it's nice to have a few add some more variety. To be honest, that's pretty much it for the game and there is no denying that Tumblebugs is the very definition of straightforward. However, if you do like the aforementioned titles or classics like the Worms franchise, then there is much fun to be had here. There's not as much depth or variety as in Worms, as all you really need to do is race around, blasting away at your chum. However, it's difficult to deny the appeal of such things when all you're looking for is a good time. The visuals here are as similarly basic as the gameplay but there's a few nice design elements, such as the ships and environments to enjoy. It's the gameplay that's the star though and as long as you have a chum to join in, there's a lot of entertainment here.

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