Outer Ridge

Arcade 1995 Dos GraphicWares Futuristic Flight shooter

First person shooter in space; fun enough

Outer Ridge is a shooter game in space, from within the cockpit of a spaceship which is all about shooting asteroids. It's, if you will, Asteroids but from a first person perspective. The granularity of the graphics, the controls and the overall feeling that the game conveys is that of a product that is based on the Doom engine but with enough changes made to it so that it plays great within the space shooting offering that it has. It's nonetheless, very direct, very fast a game, and it has a lot of staying power, though, for the most part, the fact that the space is populated mostly by asteroids only is a bit of a let down. Also, the draw speed of the asteroids is pretty small, and you'll only get to see them only when they are very close by, which can be a bit of a problem, especially given that the game is pretty speedy. But, you can pick up upgrades, and be much better fit to destroy the asteroids. So, if you want a fast, nimble mid 90s shooter game in space, without all the fuss of economics and other strategy portions, Outer Ridge will surely do!

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