Scorched Earth

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Wendell Hicken Shooter Challenges

An awesome multiplayer tank game

Scorched Earth, this was one of my favourite games on the early 90's PC computers. The gameplay is very much like a primitive Worms game and I believe the Worms programmers at Team 17 must have certainly drawn ideas from this game. The game is a basic war tank battle simulator. You aim your trajectory, charge up your fire power and fire your cannons away! The game is a little bit like what many would play on modern tabloid applications and on android phones. Someone should definitely try to program a remake of this game on android or iphone, I know there have been attempts, but none have come close. The game interacted with your environment much like Red Faction and Liero. You can blast away at mountains to get to your enemy using various scale nukes. There are over 30 weapons to choose from with some weapons that are straight up useless, to others that almost make the game unfair once obtained. Destroying your enemies gives you more money at the end of every round. The simultaneous modes of gameplay are a bit crazy, so it is best to leave these options alone and play turn based, which up to 9 players can play in a single game! The computer players are absolutely moronic in this game with nearly no artificial intelligence whatsoever, so while it is funny to watch sometimes, it can be quite boring to play single player, as the computer players are so dumb they will commit suicide often. There are many funny moments to this game that have to be played with friends to be properly experienced.

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