Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Rasputin Software Side scrolling Flight shooter

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Counter the SPUDD forces; cool flight game

Jetstrike is a cool, satisfying flight game, that is mostly based around the ideas of arcade gaming, and, thus, is not a very hard game to sink into, to learn the mechanics that govern it. The so called SPUDD forces, a corporation of nasty army based conquerors have to be defeated, and, you will have to steal an aircraft and go to war. The game is levels bound, and each one will offer you a different kind of aerial combat build. However, none of them are too hard, they are pretty well done. Also, Jetstrike is very simple to control, and thus, you will have a good time playing, and will not have to go out of your way to keep your airplane in mid air. So, all in all, Jetstrike plays well, offers you a lot of levels and the controls are great. Basically, it's an arcader ported on the DOS environment. Thus, if you feel like aerial gaming, but nothing too serious (yet with an involving backstory), this can be it. Else, download Tyrian, more classically a shoot and sidescroller type of game, a lot more known.

Very fun and addictive

Jetstrike is a highly compelling and very addictive fun side scrolling flying game (like Wings of Fury) with an insane variety of gameplay modes and option. The gameplay involves a mission scenario, Aeroolympics which is like a slalom for airplanes and many, many more. The better you fly your plane, the higher score you get and things like good landing and quick flying will bring you the highest results. There is also a mission mode, where you fly around over various beautifully designed terrains and shoot other planes down. There is even a very cool multiplayer option, where you get to fly with or against a group of friends, and the two player mode is usually the most fun. The game has beautiful VGA graphics and even more beautiful colors and a lot of detail, with less grainy and blocky images than most games of the era. The only slight objection is with the controls though, since they are not intuitive and might be a bit confusing at first. But after you get the hang of them, it's all good times. Highly recommended!

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