Rise of the Dragon

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Dynamix Shooter Platformer Adventure Point and click Sci fi

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A simple but very exciting action game

It's a classic DOS game with a lot of action and a good variety of gameplay. The game features an exciting and simple atmosphere which supports an easy gameplay. The game has been a successful one when we consider the DOS games. Being a simple platform and shooter game it supports continuous action and a smooth gameplay which is supported by a good soundtrack. The plot that the game has is also very well written and the dialogues that have been incorporated in the characters are also quite interesting. The thing which I like but many of you might not like is the fact that you have to go smoothly throughout the stages without making any mistakes or else you will have to start all over again. Even with a single wrong step that you take, you can get to play it again. The game has its own in-built calendar and its own timer. What I like the most about this game is that they have featured a good action in a quite simple game and considering the time of the 90's, the graphics are also wonderful. Action games of that era like this one and Turrican 2 are still a wonderful pursuit.

Rise of the dragon: Above average classic from Dynamix

I was browsing the web to find some cyberpunk classics and stumbled upon this one. Though definately NOT a cyberpunk, it has a proper atmosphere and is easy to play (a major success when talking about early 90s DOS games). Soundtrack is meh, apart from a few of tracks from the Strip-club and the Wise-guy setting.The story is very well-written, although the variety of answers in characters' dialogues have nothing to do with the story - one wrong step and go replay the entire game, because there is straightforward sequence you have to accomplish to win the it. I.e. you CAN mess with the hooker, but you gonna lose the game, miss ONE small item and you gonna lose the game. In fact, because the game has its own calendar and timer, you WILL lose a lot of times before you start to proceed slowly, thinking logically.But everything else is fine. And again, for the '1990 classic played by an average gamer in 2013 this one still is close to masterpiece, although I really wanted it to be more cyberpunk-ish.

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