Turrican 2002

Action 2002 Windows Pekaro Software Platformer

Enjoyable mash up of Turrican and Metroid

Oh, man, this game can bring up memories. Memories of times spent in front of the little monochrome screen of my Gameboy Pocket played with just a little battery left, with the Metroid II Return of Samus inserted, and without my charger close by, approaching the end of Metroid but not knowing if I'll have the battery power to actually finish it! Well, along with these memories it also reminds of another great game, Turrican 2, a fast shooter that did not really capture me as this did, but it still is a great game, nonetheless. The mash up is definitely a labor of love. You'll get enough elements from both games, with the Metroid elements actually being more prominent and more interesting than the Turrican ones, but then again, I think they will be much more present to those that have invested more time in this game in the olden days! So, the question is, is this game well done enough to be worth of playing by anyone other than those that played the original games? Tough question indeed, but the answer is a definitive positive one. Because Turrican 2002 packs enough variety on its own and is designed as good as you can expect. So, give it a try, or if you want to try a dark themed sidescrolling platformer see Rick Dangerous, dark, but in a more cartoonish manner.

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