Twilight 2000

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Paragon Software Organized forces

Flawed WWIII squad based RPG

A nuclear exchange has ended the WWII war, and now the survivors have to make do with limited supplies, and survive in small squads. Thus, you will play in a Central European setting, on a post apocalyptic flavored set of maps, controlling a squad of soldiers and survivors. While the game wanted to depict the military and social interactions brought on by a massive nuclear conflagration, the game doesn't really manage it properly convey the tone. The writing is quite poor. However, the problems begin to show as soon as you get to play the game. Controls are flawed; the game has a very badly implemented turn based action portion. Just one example, there is no way to tell who will initiate an encounter, as you don't have no way to assess the initiative of your enemies. And that's just an example. The game will also, often times, stop or throw you out of your DOSBox emulator, crashing to desktop. Plus, the gameplay experiences themselves are too similar, as are the many derelict areas in the game, which are rather lazy than good examples of what to expect when the world has ended and begun again.

So many missions to complete!

I played this back in '92, up until mission 44, after which it crashed. The frustration of this haunted me for years, to such an extent that I reinstalled with it last year and finished it. It is really tedious, with well over a 100 missions with little variation in them (5 different goals over and over again). Overly complex, hard to fathom and quite boring. But I finished it!

Bad, really bad game

It sucked, had lots of bugs, and the game just went on with one mission after another with no end in sight. The manual was of little help. They tried to include a 3d tank simulation in an otherwise tactical rpg game, it was not very successful, and confusing. Seemingly there were things you could not control and things you could control but with no instructions how to do it. I stopped playing after I don't now how many missions, because nothing new was happening and the manufacturers just seemed to have forgotten to include a end.

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