Sabre Team

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Krisalis Organized forces

2D tactics featuring close quarters modern combat

You will be in command of a modern, seemingly WWI, squad of special operations operatives, trying to solve all sort of missions which will challenge your close quarters tactics abilities. The game world is an isometric one, allowing you to position your every unit to the desired position, generally behind cover, while trying to create the perfect operative storm so as to take out your enemies before they have a chance to react. The game plays turn based and thus you will not be in need of twitch response tactics, having all the time in the world to organize your intervention, in the same vein as the X-Com titles with which the games shares its mechanics. The terrorist setting however is more realistic and reminds of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six types of game plots. Graphics wise you can expect sharp 2D graphics that allow perfect visibility of the playing grounds. Most of the action will take place in different close quarters/corridors and so a vital element of the game will be your ability to take decisive action and to keep your operatives hidden from open enemy fire. A good 2D tactics game, very well polished and very interesting for all turn based lovers of modern close quarters action.

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