Rules of Engagement

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Omnitrend Software Organized forces

Tactics with starships in a simple, oldschool presentation

Rules of Engagement is a Sci Fi tactics game at heart, where you will have to pit your starships against those of the enemies. However, at close look, no matter if you are wilding starships in the void or space or if, say they would have been ground units, the very same ideas are true. The game offers you a simple interface and scheme of control, which lets you control your units via mouse controls. Thus, at no time will you feel overwhelmed or or feel like you can't play the game without learning the manual by heart. This is what makes the game more immediately relatable. But, on the other hand, graphically, this is quite the dusty game; it features a left hand positioned menu with lots of commands, which is after all great, as you don't need to lose a lot of time with additional menus, but unfortunately, the space left for the actual playing field is small. So, all in all, while the idea is oka and the execution is also within acceptable limits, Rules of Engagement is not for everyone. However, download Star Control, give it a go, and if you like it, then you might like this one too. Played SC? Then you'll probably have the heart for this one too!

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