Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Opera Soft Platformer Arcade style

Ulysses the mighty hero, to save 12 virgins!

Ulysses, the mythical hero finds himself scattered, with his ship destroyed on an unknown beach, and there he has to prove himself a champion once again, and to do that he's got to go on a mighty sidescrolling journey, left to right style, and overcome a mass of hurdles, baddies and traps. It's a cool sidescroller game, very much action oriented, with 8bit like graphics. The levels are cool, well designed, the animations are similar to the shareware era, with titles such as Xargon, which means that they're not that great, but they work fine. In terms of powers and moves, Ulysses will start with just a few but later on he'll get some good upgrades. So, overall, Ulises, even if classic in build, has all the staples of the genre, so that it does a great job if it all. Therefore, Ulises is a game you're very much going to like, and thus, you will find it pretty amazing, pretty well produced and fun. You'll battle the gorgons, and lots of other mythical creatures, as expected, which adds to the game's feel, and makes it even more fun to play.

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