Tintin on the Moon

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Infogrames Platformer Arcade style

Asteroids blaster with Tintin at the helm!

I didn't get the memo, but, it seems, Tintin is a man of many talents! In this game for instance he is a Star Wars like X Wing fighter pilot in a sort of product that will remind you of older vertical, faux first person shooters. So, yeah, if you wanted a Tintin themed Asteroids, this is it! Not to say that, while the premise is gimmicky, the game in by no means not fun. It's a game that allows you the space to have fun, as it is never too difficult, but neither is it a game that doesn't challenge you. Sure, it could have been produced better, it could have received a bit more polish but as it is, it can no less offer you a great adventure. So, without question, Tintin on the Moon is a cool shooter, in a very oldschool 8 bit vertical first person shooter setting, with enough levels to see you occupied for quite a while. Nope, it's not going to take the place of a more serious X Wing like game plus some sidescrolling portions, but it sure is going to offer you an alright, colorful shooting experience, in that oldie DOS with lots of magenta kind of way! Play it!

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