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A futuristic hokey like action game

Ballistix is not a game where you determine the speed, accuracy, direction of bullets through ballistics gel, nope, you still have to care for direction, speed and precision, but in the realm of a hokey styled future game simulation. As some other titles that have taken real world sports and have turned them into something different, by adding a fantasy layer or a Sci Fi layer to them, this one takes the very same idea and works with it. And what is that, you might ask? Well, it's like in Blood Bowl, that nature of knowing some of the rules but interacting with them in sufficiently novel ways to make the game more interesting and more mature. At any rate, Ballistix is a well done game, even in spite of its very minimal graphics. But, if you like top down action teams sports, there is no reason not to give this one a go too. It's polished enough and quite fun. Sure, it's not a must play, but if you like fantasy sports conversions, this is a good one of the bunch. Especially for those that had enough of the old Blood Bowl but can't quite say they're satiated of the retro games in this genre.

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