Bad Dudes

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Data East Platformer Arcade style

Ninja themed platformer with little variety

Bad Dudes is a take on the Double Dragon type of gameplay. This means that what you give up in actual platforming prowess, you get in turn in the number of enemies you have to battle with, in the rather compact array of levels and in the use of elevations at times, to hide and to time your attacks. However, Bad Dudes does a good enough job with those elements, and you will find from the get go how good the game is. The animations look pretty nice, the backgrounds, while making use of the same tilesets at times, do not manage to bother you, and also, you get to experience a lot of different actual gameplay within each level. While martial arts fight moves are your bread and butter, there will be times when you will find shurikens and other weapons which can be thrown. The bosses, however, are not among the best you will encounter. They are both hard to defeat, as they have a lot of life and they are also quite straightforward, making almost all encounters battles of endurance rather than battles with a strategic portion attached to them.

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