Ultimate Soccer Manager 98/99

Sport 1999 Windows Sierra On-Line Soccer Team management

The last game in a beautiful series of soccer managers

USM game had quite a following at its time. It managed to put quite a dent in the following and sales of the soccer's Championship Manager series, and fans would often times find themselves quarreling about which one game was the better one. Today the game is trying to make a comeback, as USM 2012/2013 has been requested on social media sites by fans who miss the great experience. So, what was so special about the Ultimate Soccer Manager 98/99 game? The game offered more options to the player for starters; You were also offered more information about the players in your team, about other team's players and so on. This in turn allowed for a much more hands down approach to your strategy and management but at no times did it feel overwhelming. The level to which you were able to micromanage was there, if you wanted it, but it was not compulsory. Therefore USM 98/99 remains to the day a beloved game, one that many people still play and return to. So, do give it a try and hope that the last USM game will be a reality. For the future as well as for old good times sake!

Last USM game

This is the best and neatest (and unfortunatly last) version of USM. For a manager of its time, USM was miles ahead, and included more features than you could shake a rather large stick at. Not only do you get a very well organised manager sim, but you also get to take the role of chairman and control the financial side of the club in a way not available in similar era games. The AI is a little weak, but the extra features such as match fixing, advertising deals and press responces make this game feel a little more real than the Championship Manager of the time. Definetly the best manager sim of its time, and a contender for best ever. You must play it!

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