Unreal II: The Awakening

Action 2003 Windows Infogrames Shooter

A jump to the modern age for Unreal

Sure enough lots has changed and shifted since Unreal first surfaced. The first person shooter has come a long way and has learned much from the world in which it resides. At any rate, Unreal II: The Awakening feels mostly as a modern shooter. It has lost some of the speed of the earlier titles, it has lost some of the edge of these games, but instead it has gained more of that cinematic presentation (though without too many interruptions of gameplay) and it has also gained a lot of that manly presentation. At any rate, if you loved Doom the third this older game will mostly feel like that one. It has that same dark and corridor filled with dangers concept, it has a modern roaster of weapons that feel really natural and beautiful, also it has a story that involves the aliens that were present in the series from inception, though in different ways. Level design is at its finest in this one, beautiful, anchored in a Sci Fi post punk visual hook and so on. It's a great game, without question, a game that is really interesting to play and way rewarding.

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