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A first person shooter pioneer, still highly playable

While many remember Unreal as a multiplayer game, what still requires some reminding, is the fact that it was also a very capable single player game. The story goes as following: you are a prisoner on a ship that travels in between planets. Something wrong happens and you crash, on this alien planet. Once there you have to survive, and find out what happened, as well as a way to get back home. Similar to Doom there are lots of monsters to destroy, and a lot of weapons to use. Now, while many would look back at Half Life and think that this is the title that really started the first person shooter modernization, I'd argue that Unreal had quite a lot to do with that itself. That is so because graphically, gameplay wise and story wise it was a very adept title, showing many of the elements of modernity that would soon become the staples of the genre. So, sell the game to you, in a few words, I'd say it is a very diverse game, with almost 50 single player levels, it's modern looking, with both zombie as well as smart enemies, with lots of cool weapons, and, all in all, a game that is much better than you'd think, more modern. It would be a shame not to play it, heck even to not replay it if you have a FPS...itch!

Watch out for them aliens

Unreal is only the first in a long ongoing series of great first person shooter games (Unreal Tournament being the most famous) and every game thusfar is inspired by this ones gameplay and game structure. Unreal sets you on a space ship headed to a prison, but the ship scrashes on a very hostile alien planet, through which you have to go, armed with a rifle, if you ever want to get to safety and keep your head on your shoulders. You see the world through the characters eyes and have to watch your every step for big bad aliens that want to kill you. The game has amazing 3D graphics which are prudent for a good FPS game, fantastic detail and gives a sense of reality, immensing you in the game within minutes. With fantastic sound effects and voice acting, you will really feel like there is nothing in this world besides the game you are playing. This game is a classic and will always be unreplacable and unique. There are really a few games in the world that can reach the quality of this one. Truly spectacular.

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