Desert Thunder

Action 2003 Windows Groove Games Shooter Arcade style Strategy

And another one bites the dust

Although Desert Thunder looks and plays a bit like the Panzer Elite series of arcade-oriented tank sims, it's nowhere near as entertaining as those titles and is probably best avoided unless you're a real treadhead. The main issues are its low budget nature which means it's lacking in variety and options and which results in a distinctly underwhelming experience. The main mode here is an eight mission campaign which throws you into the cramped cockpit of an experimental M1A6 tank. You're the last surviving member of your platoon, so it falls to you to rescue the people of a made-up Middle Eastern country from rebels out to grab the oil-rich resources the nation has to offer. Your tank is armed with eight different types of ammunition, which comes in handy when dealing with the various enemies you'll face along the way. This isn't exactly M1 Tank Platoon, so don't expect a lot of detail in the controls or missions and it's very much a case of pick up and play here. There's little to actually do during the missions beyond rolling around, blowing stuff up and avoiding getting shot yourself, so those looking for a serious tank sim full of strategy and depth are unlikely to get much out of this. However, if all you really want is to make things go boom and don't mind doing it in low budget fashion, this might prove entertaining for a couple of hours. The visuals are decent enough for such a game and it's certainly satisfying causing chaos in your armored killing machine, so take a look if that's all you're after.

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