Arcade 1997 Windows Anonymous Shooter Flight shooter

Cavern flying sidescroller, better than an average cave explorer

In V-Wing you will endeavor to fly your ship as accurately as you can, through cavernous tight fitting levels, that require precision, attention and also a lot of split second decision making. To spike the cavern flying at high speeds recipe, you will encounter enemies, be greeted by quite a few powerups, which, hopefully, you'll be able to take hold of. The thing about this game is that it looks better than average, it presents you with a bit more options than your average game, in terms of routes to take and ways to deal with the levels, and, also, it is well executed in terms of the game's difficulty curve, which, in my opinion raises just as abruptly as you'd want it to, if you want to feel a spike in difficulty but can't really stomach games that go from easy to berserk hard. V-Wing though, is, unfortunately, a bit of a short game, which might not be as good as you'd want it to be, but I'll take a shorter one any day, rather than have to deal with a long and unpolished one. So, play it and have something like AI War: Fleet Command around, for a more graphically and gameplay advanced flight shooter experience.

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