Airlift Rescue

Arcade 1995 Dos Dosbox David Fleming Shooter Flight shooter

Be a chopper rescue pilot in sidescroller 2d!

In Airlift Rescue you get to pilot a bidimensional helicopter, with the sole purpose of finding and rescuing people from tight situations. Don't worry though; it's not as dark as it may sound. For the most part the game plays as your regular sidescroller, keep the chopper in the air business, with some additional elements to make it more interesting. The missions, as you'd imagine are none to imaginative or original; as long as you can maintain your aircraft in the air and gently descend onto the designated target, then you'll be alright. The graphics are DOS styled 8 bit, in that later 90s fashion, which means rather alright color schemes and a sufficiently high pixel count. So, no matter what, Airlift Rescue is a game for those that want a non violent sidescroller chopper game, where you can be the rescuer and not the one causing the problems. And, alternatively, you can always count on HIND - The Russian Combat Helicopter Simulation for those moments when you want to play a helicopter game that is more realistic and also, with a bit more action inside.

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