Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Fujitsu Interactive Shooter Flight shooter

Hours of mindless action

Much like Ravage game, Raptor flight arcade and many similar games, this is a cool flight shooter game that differentiates from the aforementioned in its 3D graphics and cool animation, as well as great thrill and excitement not many others have. You start the game by choosing your mission, then go up in the air. There are tons of other enemies, all out to get you, and you have to shoot them all down before you become bits and pieces. The action is non stop, the animation of the explosions is of the highest quality, and in a few minutes, you will really feel like you're there. The game is challenging, action packed and very exciting to play. The controls are simple enough and besides flying and shooting around, there is not much to do. The graphics are very advanced, making the game look and feel great. The music is not very inspirational or good, but it's better than nothing. Overall, if you like flight shooter games with zero thinking and lots of action, go no further - get Novastorm.

Truly timeless

Novastorm is the best game ever! Superb music and visuals. It's not some old shooting game, you need to have a strategy and the options available are wonderful. Choice of weapons, power and the variety of enemies to face is truly imaginative and challenging. Not too difficult once you get the hang of it. This game is truly timeless, a classic!

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