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Asteroids with vector graphics

Vectoroids, as the name aptly suggests is a clone of Asteroids, with the added idea being that with this iteration the game is made of jagged edged graphics, as if your computer (or emulator!) suddenly became usable only via vector graphics. Now, of course, the computers and consoles that used genuine vector graphics couldn't really display colors. But this game doesn't have that problem; so, with that in mind, you'll have to destroy all sort of glassy, colored asteroids, with your green little ship. You control it via thruster impulses, and you can rotate and move it about as you please. It's the classic gameplay style, and it's a style that sure is worth looking into. More than anything though, it's a relaxing game, but you can also play it a bit more competitively, by trying to outscore your older scores. Else it's got no multi play mode, but other than that you can play it without issues; the controls are immediately responsive, and pretty easy to learn. So, overall, Vectoroids is well done, a remix of classic Asteroids, and a great addition to anyone's classic arcade hits.

Dodge flying pieces of craters

Vectoroids is an average game with power-ups. To score big and advance to high levels is not to move around to much and get the rapid fire power-ups to destroy the craters. Also, when staying in the center of the screen, keep movement to a minimum. So only move to dodge flying pieces of craters.

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