Tempest 2000

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Atari Shooter Space combat

Tempest 2000 lives on

Tempest 2000 was a launch title for the last Atari home console the Atari Jaguar. As advertised the Jaguar had 64-bit power, more than any console at the time but really the system had multiple processors which equated up to 64-bit. Tempest 2000 hands-down was the best game the Jaguar had to offer, with it's awesome 3D gameplay and kick ass soundtrack. Did I mention the soundtrack was so good it came out on it's own compact disc?!Tempest 2000 is simply a space shooter, you're a shape shooting at other shapes. Along the way on various power-ups can be collected such as a more powerful weapon, AI-Droid, jumping ability and extra lives.As you progress through the game, the enemies become stronger, faster and at larger quantities, not only do the enemies get stronger, but the stage change shape and the more difficult they become... Tempest 2000 has a great arcade feel to it and is even very addicting to even today's standards with all the 'HD' gaming.Tempest 2000 has a great arcade feeling to it, with it's retro 3D environments, funky disco music and flashy powerups. It's a title you surely don't won't to go without playing in your gaming life. Whether you play it on your Jaguar, Saturn, Playstation or PC it's worth every second.

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