Virtual Pool Hall

Simulation 2000 Windows Interplay Pool or Snooker

Many reasons to play it!

Virtual Pool Hall is a 2000 billiard simulator, for all the pool game fans, or for those that want to improve their skills. I recommend this game because it is the most complex, detailed and professional pool simulator I have played. In this review I will bring arguments that maintain this strong opinion. This sequel to VP2 comes with options such as arrange tournaments, adjust table and multiplayer settings. It includes a far better AI, new game types, improved physics, new tables, and more. Your main mission is to use the cue stick to hit a ball and get it into a hole. But Virtual Pool Hall is more than a pool simulator, it's also a snooker game, and assumes more such games that involve a table, balls and cue sticks. Before starting, you can set a wide range of guidelines, and this is the first aspect that defines the complexity of Virtual Pool Hall. Beside changing the pool mode, you are allowed to customize/change the rules, the table's size and type, the holes dimensions, the number of games per match, the table's surface type, and many more. VPH contains even videos with random expert players that perform moves, from the simplest, to difficult ones. These educative videos explain, teach the main pool rules and to give proper indications about the gameplay. The billiard game is a classic popular game that requires skill and passion for this kind of sport, and if you think you can make an impressive job, play Virtual Pool Hall right away! Among the positive opinions presented above, you will find VPH very well graphically developed!

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