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The spice must flow

Based on the epic Dune saga, this game follows its storyline quite faithfully. The games mixes strategy and adventure elements in a very successfull mix. You play the main protagonist Paul Atreides and you are the spiritual guide of the slave people of Fremen in the planet of Arrakis that is the natural grower of the intergalactically popular herb/drug called the Spice. As their leader, you must give your people work, take care of the spice production, all the while following the story of Dune. In the end you must battle the Harkonnen with your armies. For a 1992 game, it is visually quite stunning. Almost no grainy textures, beautiful colors, extreme detail and depth of texture is dominating this game. The game is almost entirely played by using the panel underneath these amazing pictures, where you can select to do a task such as talk, search, assign and other game relevant tasks. It is very simple. Overall, this is a very interesting strategy game that will surely attract all Dune and sci fi fans, and if you like the original Dune, check out RTS game Dune 2, which is not a sequel, but a rival game made by Virgin Interactive.

For sci-fi or rpg fan

This game is a fantastic little game which although by 2010's standards it runs like a browser game. It does have a storyline condusive of the original film throughing you right into the Dune plot, although very linear it does play well. I would recommend this game to any sci-fi or rpg fan especially the retro player.

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