Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

RPG 2003 Windows Blizzard Fantasy Strategic scope Organized Forces

WoW Setup

The expansion pack to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos follows the loose threads from the story that were left over. In Warcraft III, Illidan the Demon Hunter was released from his prison to fight fire with fire, and was then vanished. The high elves' homeland was destroyed, their population decimated, and their source of magic was corrupted, what will happen to them now? A powerful sea witch from the Maelstrom destroyed the Darkspear trolls' island, but what happened to that powerful creature? Once the demons entered the world of Azeroth, they forsook their undead slaves, so what will happen to them and the continent they overran? The orcs have settled into their new home and now have a nation to build and a new land to conquer. This game helps set up the factions and alliances while introducing new characters who feature in the storyline of World of Warcraft. It's Warcraft of a different sort. Instead of playing Warcraft the MMO, it's Warcraft the RTS. Both are grand and engaging story telling experiences, told in typically tragic Blizzard fashion. As an RTS game, it's more of what made Warcraft III different from Command and Conquer. The focus is on battles between smaller numbers of units, rather than the screen being filled with tanks. It's a strategic experience that raises the difficulty bar from Warcraft III. So be ready for a challenge!

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