Army Men 2

Strategy 1999 Windows 3DO Company Organized forces Real time War Tactical Action

Real time strategy with toys soldiers

While the graphical style of Army Men 2 might lead you to believe that this is a pastiche or a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, well, you'd be half wrong! Indeed, this is not the deepest real time strategy you will ever encounter, but it is one of the better, highly playable that I have tried. In it, you will skirmish your way around a variety of maps, some depicting arid environments, others depicting green patches of islets, others depicting even more wacky backdrops. You are in control of all sot of plastic units. There are tanks, there are infantrymen, there are medics and so on. If you consider the game closely, its higher level tactics are built on the rock paper scissors principle, with your units sporting different abilities, and also different weaknesses. That is why, you have to calculate and plan your attacks carefully, make sure you engage your enemy by flanking them, by overwhelming them or with guerilla strategies. You are never encumbered by the controls or the graphics, both of them feel great, and you are never in a position where you get frustrated by them. So, if you want a simple, low key, but well executed strategy game, with no direct economic portion, just the skirmishes and tactical missions, Army Men 2 delivers a great experience.

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