Witchaven 2

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox IntraCorp Shooter Medieval

Quake like FPS but much worse

Unlike Quake, Blood Vengeance, the second game in the Witchaven series, drops you into a medieval setting, where you're going to have to hunt an unnamed witch, who's poised on some black magic, blood based curse, course of action against you. Still unlike Quake, with which the games shares some graphical similitude, this game doesn't manage to create an engaging gameplay, on one hand because it insists on using too many short range weapons that don't feel natural at all in their mechanics, but also because the game has very little diversity. In fact, after this game was released the developer soon went bankrupt, as the game sold very poorly. The double wielding weapon capabilities that the game introduced did little to improve on the recipe of the original, as the mechanics and the emerging gameplay style the game made way from felt very stiff and unnatural. You could like this game for the middle age atmosphere, otherwise you'd rather go for a fun and diverse shooter like Quake, or mid 90's Duke Nukem 3D, which went to show that it was possible to create a fun game in the same engine that Witchaven 2 uses.

Mediocre FPS

The graphics and sound effects in theis game are indeed impressive for its time. But the things that really ruin the fun in the game are the controls. First of all, you walk so fast that you can barely control your character if you need to go to the left or to the right. If you have a mouse and think that you can aim with your mouse than you're wrong. The mouse just barely replaces the keyboard, the only difference is that the controls with the mouse are much worse. Another thing I hate about this game is the hit detection. It's so bad that you need to stick your character to the enemy in order to hit it. This is mostly unfair, because most of the enemies use long range attacks, while you can only attack them with melee weapons (swords, axes, maces etc.), and you will certainly get a lot of damage as you try to get closer to your enemy. Speaking of getting damage, there is nothing on the screen to tell you how much HP you got left. There's no Video options in the main menu either. All in all, Witchaven 2 is a FPS game with great graphics and sound but horrible controls. I say to stick to Doom if you're an old school FPS lover.

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