Metal Rage

Action 1996 Dos Titus Interactive Shooter

Road shooter with interesting looking vehicles

Metal Rage is a racer game that also features elements of shooting. But the most interesting aspect of the game comes in the form of the vehicles it brings forth. Part roadsters, part tanks, part alien looking contraptions you will have a lot of fun picking one out, as each and every one of them has something interesting to offer. The races themselves? Well, this is where the game becomes a little bit more tricky and it chooses its candidates more carefully. This is not the kind of game that offers too much diversity or too much immersion. The feel for speed is also lacking. I'd reckon, the developers wanted to create a close quarters game, an arena destruction derby like game, but in the middle of development they argued against this type of trajectory in favor of a more sprawling one. So, the game is never too concise or fun, neither in the mindless shooting of everything that comes in your path, neither in its racing elements. So, be warned, the cars will draw you in but the races themselves will not feel as good as they could have been.

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