Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Action 1996 Windows Dosbox GT Interactive Arcade style

Mortal Kombat III featuring characters of I and II

I guess the developers thought, hmm, let's cut the middle man, and just pack the actual things that players care for, and that, of course is the diverse roaster of Mortal Kombat characters the ones that made an appearance in the first and second MK game (PC and console versions) as well as the ones in the third game. This makes Mortal Kombat Trilogy sort of like a deluxe version of MK III, so I guess players that have loved this original game will find this one even more satisfying. There aren't any changes to the vanilla version, even the story is the same, a story which pretty much sets the scene for the upwards escalating tree of battles (for a lack of a better way to say it!) which will see you battling each and every character towards the final battle with Goro. But until you get there you will have a bit of work to do and also you will have to master your roaster of moves, your fatalities, and maybe be such a good player as to actually manage a few flawless victories. Also, there are some bonus stages and some secrets that you might stumble onto and if you do, well, more fights ensue! Get over here!

I play Kintaro. You?

Opposite of what the name suggests, this is not a pack of three games. It is rather 3 games put into one. All the bosses from the prior games are now available as playable characters, each with its own special moves and abilities. There is a new feature called the "Agressor bar" which, when filled, makes the player much faster than before. The good thing about the Mortal Kombat games, is that they are all good, without exception. This is also a very nice and entertaining fighting games that will be a special treat for Mortal Kombat fans, since it fantastically combines three games into one awesome supergame. The visuals are great, the soundtrack is fantastic, and this is overall a great sequel to the Mortal Kombat empire.

MK with all characters!

The game has Mortal Kombat characters from all games you can also play as the bosses. So download it as fast as you can and save it on your computer. I suggest you choosing Kintaro because he is the strongest.

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