Nitemare 3D

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Gray Design Shooter 3D

Hugo s first FPS, again, catalyzed by his love for Penelope!

We already know of Hugo from games such as Hugo's House of Horror or Hugo III - Jungle of Doom but we never played with him as a protagonist of a Doom like shooter game. But no more! In Nitemare 3D Hugo has to conjure up his courage and go about in the House of Horrors and save his sweetheart again, whom, in spite of always managing to get him in trouble, he's sworn allegiance and love to for ever and ever! So, gameplay wise, Nitemare is a classic corridor crawler, while holding the mightiest weapon you can find (or find ammunition for!). Like Wolf 3D, the levels are pretty similar, but they do manage to have some personality, and some feel that is particular to them Mostly you'll try to corroborate the differently colored corridors to get a feel for where you actually are, at any given time, which can be quite a daunting task, at times, and can lead either to boredom or complete loss of orientation! But when everything else fails, going where the enemies are, is the surest way to retrace your way back to where you're supposed to be heading. Overall playable, never too diverse but fun nonetheless, if you love Doom like shooters.

Average 90s FPS

Developed by Gray Design Associates, Nitemare 3D is a horror FPS that tried to compete with shooters of its time, like Doom, but it didn't succeed. Come to think of it, the graphics, the way how the layout is made is very similar to Wolfenstein 3D. However, in terms of gameplay it feels much slower and sometimes the aiming is off. There's only a choice of 4 weapons, however not all weapons are effective against certain monsters. For example, the magic wand is effective against witches, whereas robots are practically immune to magic. Speaking of monsters, I feel that selection of monsters is poor. You have Frankenstein monsters, bats, mummies, vampires and so on. The story is a cliche itself: a guy who travels through a bizarre mansion in order to save his girlfriend from a mad scientist. In conclusion, the game is not too bad, but it lack originality and monster design.

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