Wrecking Ball

Action 1984 Dos Third Person

For diehard bat and ball fans only

Bat and ball games have proved enduringly popular ever since the genre's introduction back in the early days of gaming, with the likes of Pong and Breakout giving way to flashier updates such as Arkanoid and Bananoid. Wrecking Ball is another such game but which lacks the innovations and sheer visual appeal of later efforts and is instead best suited only for those who feel they absolutely have to play every single game in the genre. It's not a bad game per se, just very limited and lacking in anything to help make it stand out. In case you have never been introduced to the joys of such games before, the goal is simply to progress through a series of single screen levels, which just happen to be populated by a bunch of bricks. Taking control of a handy little paddle which moves around the bottom of the screen, it's your job to knock out all the bricks by sending a ball into them. That's pretty much all there is to the game, and it lacks the powerups and fancy bells and whistles of other efforts such as Electranoid, leaving this to look like a pretty basic slice of gaming. The visuals haven't come on much since the days of Pong, with very simple blocks and limited colors to attract the eye and it falls way short of the benchmark for the genre, Arkanoid 2. Likewise, level design is depressingly restricted and unimaginative, with only the standard layouts on offer here and which are unlikely to prove challenging or interesting to anyone but a novice bat and baller who has very low expectations. Really, unless you need to play every such game, you can comfortably skip this one.

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