WWF Wrestlemania

Sport 1991 Dos Ocean Fighting Wrestling

Unpolished, QTE heavy, could have been fun but is not

WWF Wrestlemania is a poorly produced, if, if you will, the kind of game that could have proven fun to play. The problem with it, unfortunately, is that it just doesn't really offer you sufficient control; most of what you will be doing is rapidly pressing buttons, which, especially if you play it emulated, on a keyboard, is just so hard to do properly. Other than that the animations are very sparse, while the players barely have enough animation frames for you to get a better idea of what kind of stunts they are actually performing. It's all a mash up of moves, like a brawler game on top of which someone though it would be a good idea to slap a few more moves, but leave the basics untouched. Nope, I'm all for modern games when it comes to wrestling. Something like WWF Raw is fun, to watch, to interact with and to get a feel that you're actually in a bit more control! With WWF Wrestlemania you don't get that, you just get a brawler that pretends to be a fighter game but then lets you down.

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