WWF In Your House

Sport 1996 Dos Acclaim Fighting Tournaments Wrestling

A great gem of a game; well organized and well produced

In WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game you got a good blend of action, in the WWF vein, for those that loved bet em ups, those that loved action games and more. In WWF In Your House however, the game is totally different and built on top of very diverse and utterly different construction. It's less arcadey, but more of a blend of characteristics that you'd expect in a console fighting game, say a late era SNES game. Now, in terms of diversity the game has a bit of everything; loads of arenas, loads of players and much more. And so, WWF In Your House is pretty well polished, and well organized and it gives you all the necessary tools to keep playing, from the moves and the fighters to everything else. It's well balanced, well produced and it definitely knows how to keep itself well playable over time. So, have it in your collection, it won't disappoint. It is the best of a kind, and it is the type of game that you really want to sink into, that you want to have a go at. So don't give it away, this is the kind of game that really knows how to keep you interested, in spite of its poorer graphics.

Fight with the stars

With star characters such as Bret Heart, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Golddust, Ultimate Warrior and others, WWF In Your House for me is the best of the old wrestling games. Though the game is old but still you have a good depth of exciting options to play with. The finishing moves and the other moves of these star wrestlers have been portrayed in the true sense in this game. So you can use the very famous Tombstone pile driver from Undertaker or the Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels. Three different modes have been devised for both single player mode and multiplayer modes. The difficulty level depends on the mode you select. For making it a hardcore battle, you can fight with two or three players at a time and enjoy it to the fullest. Different combinations of keyboard keys or even the joy pad makes you pull off exciting and deadly moves of your favorites icons. It's not like the other wrestling games which only involve hitting the buttons hard. Here you have to use your brain to execute the moves and be quick about it. The graphics are very colorful and the characters resemble very much to the real stars. WWF WrestleMania: the Arcade game is the other game which I found to match the quality and fun that WWF In Your House features.

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