WWF: European Rampage Tour

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A sorry excuse of a wrestling game

Perfect for those who are looking for an absolutely brainless wrestling game. Wait, even those wouldn't play this game. And when I say brainless, then I really mean brainless - you don't have to do anything except punch the button that is for hitting, and with enough punches, you win the game. This isn't wrestling. This is a brawl. There is absolutely no strategy, just a series of punches. They made a mockery of true wrestling, which is certainly a little bit more than that. Next, the game's graphics are good, but the animation is appalling. You barely move during the entire fight. To make it short, the whole thing looks bad, bad, bad. Not to mention that you only have 4 fighters to choose from. Not much of a choice, really. Personally, I'd go with the Hulk, but neither of the wrestlers should be proud that their name is up here. The game might have the right idea, but they should of researched about wrestling and what is it about before making such a game. Too bad. Well, there are always other games, like the popular WrestleMania.

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