WWI: The Great War

Strategy 2003 Windows Buka Entertainment World Wars Organized forces Real time

WWI set RTS, quite varied and intense

While I love micro intensive RTSes, and Red Alert rarely leaves my hard drive, I do enjoy a game that tries something different with the genre, such as WWI: The Great War does. For starters, for RTSes to actually try and have a presentation that is both in the classical style of these games but also mange to pack in some elements of historical accuracy is pretty rare, but WWI: The Great War does just that. It does so by doing away with intensive building of bases, as it sure would have undermined the game's perspective, but it offers you a working modality of actually keeping your army bound to an economic model, by only deploying and offering you so much resources, directly, infantry, aviation and heavy artillery. Therefore, you are always reminded that the game needs to be played from a perspective of limitations, physical limitations, but the way these are delivered make sense in its own little universe. The game also packs a deep panel of digital experts (which works as a sort of war counsel) which can guide you towards making the right decisions, especially if you've not yet mastered the game. Graphically, WWI: The Great War looks sharp with its 2D worlds seen isometrically, and very accurate and historically relevant models of units. Surely a lovely game for WWI couch historians and for regular strategy in real time buffs.

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