Worms Forts: Under Siege!

Strategy 2004 Windows SEGA Organized forces Real time Arcade style Turn based Fighting

Fun but flawed addition to a classic series

This Worms game dates from the series' middle period, and is the second to feature full 3D, a move that still remains controversial to this day. The gameplay is slightly different to the more traditional entries and while the changes are appreciated, Under Siege is perhaps not as successful as the original games. However, it still remains a fun addition to a classic series. The main twist this time around is that your worms are now in control of a fort and must defend themselves against your attackers. Furthermore, you can also expand your defenses by constructing buildings, each of which have different effects, such as opening up new weapons or spawning new worms. In this sense, Under Siege is like the tower defense games which have grown in popularity recently. The same wacky arsenal of weapons as would be expected is on display here, including favourites like the firepunch and mini-gun and new additions including the trebuchet, giant crossbow and the siege onager. Four story-based campaigns are available, each based on ancient history but as always with Worms, it's the multi-player mode that provides the most fun and in this respect, Under Siege maintains the series' reputation for being infuriatingly addictive. However, it cannot be denied that the basic Worms gameplay is best suited to 2D and 3D brings with it problems of control, with mechanics that can be clumsy and frustrating. If you've never played a Worms game, then start with the original to see how it should really be played and give this a go later down the line.

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