Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

Strategy 1998 Windows Eidos World Wars Organized forces Real time Action

Must play tactics/puzzler game! Must play!

I still remember my first mission in Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines: It was a really small map, there was a bit of a bush on one side of it, and there were a few enemies just around it. You could, if you wanted, go for the direct attack, as the pistol you carried had unlimited ammo (but was also pretty inaccurate, even from close distance). But you didn't have to do it that way, nope. You could lure the enemies one by one. You see, the Germans were pretty heavy smokers and you had exactly what they wanted: a box of cigarettes. You threw it close by, making sure that as the enemies spotted it, they were with their backs behind you and as they figured that they just found treasure you were there, wither backstabbing them, or, if you were the clean job guy, you could knock them out and tie them up. Rinse repeat. Then the sapper had to go and cut a hole through a fence, make sure he disabled some of the mines so the crew could all advance where they had to, throw grenade in a machinegun pit and then freestyle it to the end. I was hooked! The game was all tactics but in real time. That meant that your timing was essential and that you really had to use any way to hide at your disposal as much as possible. Graphically the game was flawless and still looks alright, playable. Plus, your characters are so lovely and personable, lively that you'll fall in love with them! One of the definitive must plays in my personal list, for sure, along with the later titles in the series.

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