The Legend of Zelda: Seeds of Darkness

RPG 2008 Windows Guillaume Fugère Third Person Anime

Still Zelda but with better graphics!

The Legend of Zelda: Seeds of Darkness (Remake), as the name suggests takes a closer look at the original Seeds of Darkness, which was a SNES game, and, in order to give it a good make do, that will really be in tune with the tastes of the next generation, and really does a good job of it all. But, thankfully, it did not mess with the game's construction and basics; you still have the same top down lite RPG type game, beautiful, really sweet and well realized, but by no means a game that strays too much from the original. So, The Legend of Zelda is very much like the original in terms of design, but it just looks so much better. So, if you like top down 16 bit graphics, that really looks modern and beautiful. So, this means that you will still have to destroy all the enemies, and you still have to get through a lot of perilous situations, from where the only escape is to solve puzzles or to find the weak sports of those enemies. Another great Zelda game is also The Legend of Zelda, a remake of the very first NES game in the series.

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