The Legend of Zelda

RPG 1986 Nintendo Nintendo Fantasy Anime

Classic Nintendo RPG

I love Zelda. I have since fallen in love with every Zelda game released since. The original Zelda was an amazing sidestep into the role playing adventure genre, from the traditional side scrolling games like Super Mario Bros. You could save your quest rather than the usual pause/continue option, which was also a relatively new concept and which allowed the game to be played for days without having to repeat the start from the traditional level 1 like a broken record. The game allowed free roam of the maps, with no set linear path which truly gave the feeling that you were on a quest, or an adventure. You can find treasure that you get to keep and spend at shops. You can buy power ups and equipment upgrades that are necessary to take you to other worlds and to defeat bosses. If you ever played Maze Adventure , this is one giant maze that will keep you guessing where to go next. While Zelda II returned back to the platforming genre, when it comes to the original and classic Zelda, you cannot find a better adventure game from it's era.

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