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Rpg game with challenging action

It is a classic RPG side scrolling game which brings many traits on board. The plot in the game is that you will play the role of a duke who loves a princess. The princess has been kidnapped and taken to some underground town filled with monsters and enemies. It is your duty now to go to that underground world and rescue her. Well it's again a conventional plot but the game is quite different in terms of how it plays. The duke has a sword and a shield that he will use to counter the any enemies. When you as the leading character move into the underground cave world, the action becomes side scrolling and you can do action such as jump, leap, rope climbing etc. The enemies in the game are basically different monsters who are reasonably tough and quick to pose you a great challenge. The level designs are very good and really depict a unique underground cave world which one would fantasize. While killing enemies and moving further to the next door to another cave world, you will be collecting power ups and precious items which enhances the diversity of the game. The graphics are surely up to the standards of those time and the controls are also well tuned. It plays like the simple and addictive game which is known as Cavequest and both are worth a shot.

Zeliard game!

This is absolutely a classic game. The princess needs you to save her, so as Duke Garland you buy a shield to go with your sword and enter the caves. It's a standard sidescroller in there - kill everything that moves, jump onto moving platforms, climb ropes, don't stand on spikes. Monsters drop "almas" when you kill them, which you collect and take back into town to trade for money. So you romp through the caves, killing merrily to earn money and experience, all the while looking for the entrance to the next underground town. It's very simple gameplay, and the difficulty level is perfect - it starts off easy enough, but the further into the game you get the harder it gets. It's doable all the while, but each stage is hard enough to present a satisfying challenge. Only towards the very end does it get so hard as to be frustrating. What are you waiting for? Download Zeliard!

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