RPG 1985 Dos Dosbox Lightwave Consultants Fantasy Third Person Adventure style

RPG with lots of action, fantasy themed

Cavequest is a minimalist RPG, though most of the time it could be confounded with a very early, basic maze crawler. But that does little to chip away at it, because for all intents and purposes this is a fun, even if very repetitive gameplay wise, production. The game has 5 different caves that it puts forth for exploration, and before you head to the proper adventure, you can choose to fit your character either with swords and the like or with some other kind of weaponry, or magic. It's, if you will like a minimalist Diablo but only offering you dungeons and underground mazes. And, within that space, it sure can be an atmospheric game, one full of surprises and full of well plotted out ideas. Not that the game is anything that you haven't played before, but it's deal is well done classic gameplay rather than originality or some other more interesting bits and pieces. The game will also offer you a very satisfying set of tools, additional armor, weaponry and jewels that will keep you going, as the drive for a better weapon or a better armor set is a great incentive in this one. So, no thrills, but well oiled gameplay otherwise.

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