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Magic and role play fantasy

Soulbringer is a 2000 fantasy role-playing game, where you are specialized in magic. You are sent to live with your uncle in Madrigal, after the death of your father. You have to defeat the supreme magic lord named Skorn (the big evil). In order to become a real expert and to succeed in your mission, you will find out old important secrets. The combats are chosen by you, and they consist in high and low slashes, strikes, and other ones than can be performed with two or more such actions. In the name of your defense, you will cast various spells and attack your enemies with weapons. Due to the absence of a mode that allows creating your character, its skills development stays in the gathered points throughout the game, when advancing each level. These points are won by annihilating the encountered enemies and completing quests (the second is more efficient and productive). It will take a little time until you will get used to the environment, mostly because there is no map that can guide you. The developers created an original magic system based on water, fire, air, earth, and spirit. The story will keep you fascinated in the front of your computer, and everything in this game is easy to learn, decent and worth spending your time. Soulbringer is the kind of game that deserves all your attention!

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