RPG 2004 Windows ak tronic Software & Services Fantasy Action based Action Role playing Adventure

Secret of Mana Evolved

This was a surprise, a wonderful surprise. Sudeki is an action RPG and breath of fresh air to the genre. Imagine if Secret of Mana had continued to evolve graphically while keeping the same gameplay style. The combat is all real time, with hit chances based on how good aim you have, not on random dice rolls behind the scenes. The melee characters Tal and Buki control similarly, and can perform combos based on how you string together attacks. Ranged characters Alish and Elco can be controlled in first person shooter style, or in third person. The story is quite simple, like it was boosted from another sci-fi story, but still remains charming. The music is some of my favorite of all time, I even ordered the soundtrack. The light and sunshine in some environments creates a refreshing contrast to the darkness in most action RPGs or dungeon crawlers. This game just disguises its “dungeons” well. If you can find a copy of this game, I guarantee it's an experience to remember with fondness. Give Sudeki a try.

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