Zombie Shooter

Action 2007 Windows Sigma Team Zombies Shooter Indie Horror Action rpg Rpg Shooter action

The apocalypse is fun!

With a name like Zombie Shooter, you pretty much know exactly what to expect, and if there aren't any zombies or shooting, you're going to be disappointed. Fortunately, though this game delivers on both fronts and while it's not exactly deep or thought-provoking, it is a lot of fun. It's a sort of spiritual ancestor of early topdown shooters like Gauntler, Chaos Engine and Alien Breed, while throwing in a dash of Duke Nukem for good measure. The plot revolves around some foolish scientists who have been experimenting with alien chemicals and who have now turned into mindless, slavering monsters. They are now about ready to burst forth from the research facility and engulf the world in a tide of zombified nastiness, but humanity has one last hope in the form of the player. The game plays out in isometric fashion and is basically one big slice of blasting action where you have to mow your way through hordes and hordes of zombies. However, to add a little bit of depth to things, there are some light RPG elements in the form of leveling up and equipment purchasing, while there are also objectives to complete along the way. If all you're looking for is a rollicking good time, then Zombie Shooter is a pretty safe bet. There is heaps of blasting fun to enjoy and it is undeniably enjoyable wasting zombies with a variety of cool weapons. The visuals are pretty decent, with some very atmospheric levels, although the sprites are a little small at times. It's the action that's the star though and in this respect, Zombie Shooter delivers in spades.

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