Alien Breed

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Team17 Aliens invasion Top down

Very well polished and addictive top down shooter

Alien Breed doesn't try to invent a new genre, but within the one that it tackles, top down shooters, it is one of the best games of the era. Alien Breed is a corridor top down shooter from the company that also produced the Worms series. Team 17 has always been very quality oriented, and this title shows that very well.An aspect of the game that you would not expect is for this game to actually have also an enticing story. Alien Breed makes use of a scripting system that adds depth to the alien infestation that you are trying to battle, in the sense that the enemies are not randomly generated. Nope, you will find yourself in many situations that have been scripted to add a sense of urgency and even a bit of horror and thrill.The graphics are just great. Sharp, clean, with enemies that can easily be told apart from one another and with a very intricate and interestingly designed mazes to navigate your way through. Don't think that you're just going to play this game for a bit. Once you pick it up you won't want to let go. The pacing, the scripted events and the fun and engaging nature of this game will hook you up until you finish it, so before you give it a go, make sure you actually have a good chunk of hours to sink into it.

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