Alien Shooter

Action 2003 Windows Sigma Team Aliens invasion Indie Rpg Shooter action

Shoot the aliens, run from them; repeat!

Alien Shooter is the ultimate timewaster shoot and run game, the top down version, where you control your shooting via mouse, and your running about via the control keys. It matters little that the baddies are aliens, really, in Zombie Shooter they were zombies, but they were still as dumb, as in love with the idea of getting to you and, also, very, very many! Yeah, this is a perfect blend of time waster, mind numbing shooter, where you should not want to get from point A to point B as fast as possible, instead you should be content to have as many targets to shoot as possible. Sure, there are some variations, there are multiple characters to choose from, which will have different guns to shoot and also different amounts of health or speed. So, pick your favorite and let the top down shooting spree fiesta begin. The insectoid aliens and their bosses, sprinkled around like salt and pepper on a nice plate of steaming alien carcasses (boy, that sounded snuff movie like, hehe!) can't wait to make your acquaintance. But you know the drill: shoot first and ask questions later.

Fast action in a classic arcade!

Alien shooter is an arcade isometric shoot'em up developed and published by Sigma Team. The story of the game is simple: an underground research facility has been overrun by alien, which came with the help of the teleportation pods present in the labs. It's your job to get in there and stop the aliens before the take over the world. The gameplay is really fun. You play in a bird's eye perspective view, where you walk around, mowing down aliens. Along the way, you can pick up other guns, ammo and even use biomechanical implants in order to improve your battle skills. A revamped version of the game, call Alien Shooter Revisited has took the game and added more content and even 3 game modes, in order to compensate for the game's repetitive nature.

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