Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals

Simulation 2007 Windows Blue Fang Games Tycoon style

It's Jurassic Park!

The Zoo Tycoon series is a pretty enjoyable series of games inspired by the likes of Rollercoaster Tycoon and SimCity and which does pretty much what you'd expect from the title. This one is actually the fourth add-on pack to the base Zoo Tycoon 2 game and although it's got some nice elements, it's perhaps one for the diehard zoo fan. As the name suggests, the big draw here is the addition of extinct animals such as dinosaurs. Before you get to put them in your zoo though, you have to go digging for fossils, and then bring them back to life in your laboratory through a series of minigames. There are 34 animals on offer here, from dinosaurs to saber toothed cats to mastodons and although most of them get on well with each other, you have to be careful when placing carnivorous animals, while the more aggressive beasts will also try to escape if you're not careful. If this does happen, another minigame pops up, while they can also get sick and which requires you to hunt out a cure. Other new elements here include new buildings, objects, staff members and challenges. If you are a fan of the original game, and are looking for more of the same but with a prehistoric twist, then this is definitely for you. There's a good selection of new elements, with the extra animals bringing a new twist to things and adding to the fun and challenge. The visuals remain as appealing as ever, with the beasts represented in a fairly charming manner so overall this is a good bet if you fancy managing an imaginary zoo and already have the base game. Otherwise, you might not find this of too much interest.

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